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ADHD Struggles

You Feel Helpless Every Day.

It literally kills you as you watch your child struggle so hard to just be a kid.  You feel helpless to your child’s struggles and don’t know what to do.  Your kid has been labeled ‘naughty’ at school, lies a lot, has no friends.  I can totally relate!  My kid was labeled ‘sad and angry’ at school.  The notes home from school kept coming and homework was a nightmare!  Not only that, but I was fed up with the school’s approach to inattention.  When my kids were in school I swear the principle had a direct line to the pharmaceutical company.  It was time for something else.

I hear it all of the time medicated kids were losing weight, feeling like zombies and losing time in the classroom.  Not to mention they don’t sleep so you don’t either.  I can no longer stand by and wait for things to change. You have options to change thing.

You’re here because your mom intuition kicked in and you are out to find something that works, naturally because you know medications cause serious side effects that can last a lifetime.  The solution is here, the time is now.  I am not a child therapist, however I have over 20 years of working with early childhood development and parenting.  This puts me in an extraordinary position to coach parents with children that have ADHD, ODD, OCD on natural ways to help you heal.

If you are a parent and your child struggles with ADHD, ODD, OCD  and could use help with discovering alternative that work call Dr. Terri today.

Mom Guilt?  Do You Think It’s All Your Fault?

From the minute you find out that  you are pregnant, mom guilt strikes!  I know, it happened to me!  We think that everything is our fault and we ‘should have known’ better, different or basically ‘should have’ been a better mom.  ADHD, ODD, OCD are not caused from ‘bad parenting’.  What we know is the cause has to do with many different things.  From ‘dirty’ genes to neurotransmitter imbalance and even food sensitivities these mental health issues are complicated.  But the changes you make don’t have to complicate your life.

ADHD ODD OCDSome Days It’s Hard Not to Yell, Really.

But you know that’s not the parent you want to be.  Parent’s need support too!  Let’s work on strategies that can help you manage your emotions while we are discovering natural ways to relieve ADHD, ODD, OCD symptoms.  Parent coaching is where it’s at!  Let me help you to help yourself.  Your child will thank you for it, so will your body!

Being really, really, really (really) consistent with your approach is the key to success!  You have to be more consistent than the ADHD is consistently driving you wild. ADHD looks for loopholes in parenting.  It strategizes and looks for your weaknesses as a mom, and as a person.  But, you can regain control and step up to the plate to get your child back!

 ADHDEnd the ADHD Struggle Now….Genetic Testing & Neurotransmitter Repair!

Two of our most successful labs in really getting to the bottom of the problem are genetic testing and neurotransmitter labs (please see my pages on Genes and Neurotransmitters).  There are many genes that tell the story of mental health issues.  You’ve probably heard of a few including MTHFR and COMT.  But there are many more!  I can look at several genes and see if they are ‘misbehaving’ and causing the problems.  Then we can turn off the bad genes and turn up the good ones!  Also we can see how neurotransmitters are working.  Dopamine and epinephrine are 2 biggies that don’t play nice with ADHD.  The best part is…we can work to rebalance neurotransmitters too!  ALL NATURALLY!  No medication side effects, at all!

If you have decided that you really want to get to the root of the problem, lets work together to solve it!

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