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Love the Genes You’re In!

Get To The Bottom Of Why You Feel The Way You Do.

When it comes to understanding yourself there is nothing more important than understanding your genetic code through genetic testing.  Your genes have all the answers to what you are experiencing every day.  From depression and anxiety to issues with drive, defiance and ADHD (and way more!) getting to the root of the problem begins with looking at your genes.  With a quick and easy cheek swab you will unlock the mystery of your genetic code!  Like your favorite pair of jeans, you would wear them all of the time if you could.  These jeans make you feel awesome!  Your genetic code can also make you feel awesome, or they can make you feel like crap.  Understanding yourself through the lens of genetics will help you love the genes you’re in!

Your Genetic Code Stays the Same From The Time You Are Born….But They Like to Misbehave!

The coolest part about genetics is that your genes do not change!  You are born with a genetic code and it stays the same your entire life.  However, genes sometimes like to express themselves or misbehave.  When genes misbehave you will experience symptoms.  Don’t worry though, just because you were born with a certain genetic code doesn’t mean this is a death sentence for you.  The best part is…you have a ton of control over their behavior and whether or not they will ever express themselves.  Cool, right?!

geneAre Your Genes Dirty, Not Fitting Right, Or Otherwise Stressing You Out?

I enjoy the work of Dr. Lynch and he describes genes as being dirty or clean.  Kind of like the genes in your laundry pile.  Dirty genes aren’t fitting right…they might be baggy, smelly, or the fibers might be torn.  This is kind of like your own genes.  Some of them are ‘dirty’ like MTHFR or COMT.  These two genes are getting quite the reputation for being dirty.  When MTHFR and COMT are present you might experience mental health symptoms such as depression, ADHD or anxiety.  One of my favorite genes to talk about is DRD2.  This gene, when dirty, makes your body believe metabolically that you ‘need’ certain addictive substances to survive such as alcohol, opiates or even sugar.  There are many genes to look at and I can help you not only look at the dirty ones, but understand what they do to you and teach you how to clean them up.

genetic testingClean Genes Are The Best Genes!

I just love a good pair of clean jeans, don’t you?!  The same goes with your body’s genes.  Cleaning up your genes is important to helping you feel better faster.  There are four primary ways to clean up your genes and stop the bad ones from expressing and encourage the good ones to express:  lifestyle, diet, mindset and environment.

As a therapist who practices functional psychology I am equipped to help you with all of these and to help you Love the Genes You’re In!

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