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LOVE THE GENES YOU'RE INGet More Energy & FocusYour mental health naturally begins here!


Get to the Bottom of Why You Feel the Way You Do With Genetic Testing

Get More Energy & Focus

Adrenal Health and Neurotransmitter Function is Necessary to Feel Better. Explore natural remedies to help you or your child to improve anxiety, depression or even ADHD.

Your mental health naturally begins here!

Get to the Bottom of Why You Feel the Way You Do With Neurotransmitter, Adrenal & Genetic Testing. It's Time To Get To The Root of The Problem and Feel Great Again!

ADHD Naturally Menasha WI 54952

Natural Solution

It’s Time To Get To The Root of The Problem and Feel Great Again! You’re busier than you ever thought.  You have just enough energy to get you through the day, but you crash and burn every night.  You’ve been struggling for a while now.  Your worry and fatigue get the best of you just […]

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tired and wired

Get Energy & Focus

There’s Not Enough Coffee In The World To Give You The Energy You Need is There? You are a busy woman juggling it all and then some!  You feel sluggish and tired all the time!  I get it! I think at one point I was up to an entire pot of coffee a day!  That’s […]

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Love the Genes You’re In!

Get To The Bottom Of Why You Feel The Way You Do. When it comes to understanding yourself there is nothing more important than understanding your genetic code through genetic testing.  Your genes have all the answers to what you are experiencing every day.  From depression and anxiety to issues with drive, defiance and ADHD […]

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ADHD Struggles

You Feel Helpless Every Day. It literally kills you as you watch your child struggle so hard to just be a kid.  You feel helpless to your child’s struggles and don’t know what to do.  Your kid has been labeled ‘naughty’ at school, lies a lot, has no friends.  I can totally relate!  My kid […]

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Dr Teralyn SellYou’ve Tried Everything & You Still Feel Like Sh!t

Sometimes I get told that I’m pretty much the last stop that my clients make.  They come to me exhausted, disappointed, frustrated and basically tapped out.  Western medicine has all but failed them and they are left feeling ‘blah’ from a bunch of prescriptions and no light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m really o.k. with being the last stop because you always find what you’re looking for in the last place you look.

Let’s get you feeling better, Naturally!

Whether I’m the first place you’ve stopped at or the last place you will ever need I am completely stoked to help you not only feel better faster, but also really uncover why you felt that way in the first place.  While we can’t change what you have endured in the past, we can work together to better comprehend and settle the challenges you face today. It’s time to stop holding back on your life and  start moving forward, naturally!


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